Research Team Assistant

Part time work possible; could be of particular interest for lateral entrants

You like to work in technology and with people? You like to support a team of engineers to stay productive and to deliver value to our global customers? You are looking forward to a broad and constantly evolving array of tasks? You are comfortable working with different languages and cultures?

What you will contribute

We need your support in a wide range of tasks. These depend on the concrete requirements in customer and other projects but also on your own skills, interest and ambition. Here some examples where we have missed your work already in the past:

Team organization and productivity

* Team office management

* Organize meetings, events, complex travel

* Improve internal procedures for keeping and sharing of project and business information

* Administration of extranet for secure communication with customers and partners

* Setting up of an intranet to share internal information

Research and preparation of data

* Research, compile and analyze information from public or internal sources

* Handling project data and prepare statistics for reports

* Contribute statistical analysis based on specific requests by our engineering team members

Writing, reviewing and publishing

* Compile reports and presentations for project work under supervision of the respective project leader

* Review presentations, reports, press releases, etc.: This ranges from prove-reading, improving clarity and consistency, avoiding tech-talk, to tailoring of communication for the respective target-group

* Support in public communication, e.g. our website, mailing list and LinkedIn account

If you were perfect, you would bring all of this

* You have an academic background and have worked scientifically – or you have not and instead you took a sidestep in your career and you feel up to the tasks

* A strong interest and good understanding in technologies and their application

* You are fluent in both English and German (one at least C1 and the other better) and have strong written and verbal communication skills. Additional languages and proven intercultural competencies are very welcome.

* You are very proficient with Excel, Powerpoint and Word – and we mean it

* You are comfortable to work both by yourself and in a team comprised of people with different industry, education or cultural backgrounds

* You have a diligent and systematic work-style. You like precision, keeping order and thinking things through to the end – because you don’t want months of hard work wasted on the last mile

* You are good at organizing yourself and can cope with challenging situations, like to meet new people and to find new keys to success in changing situations

* You have experience with and are interested in project management and in methods of agile and collaborative work

* You made mistakes before, reflected about them and you are not afraid to make mistakes again

Why joining ALLOS might be the best job decision of your life

* You will work for a leading-edge technology company

* You will get hands-on experience in working with a vast array of very capable and ambitious people from a broad spectrum of industries and backgrounds

* High degrees of freedom to start own initiatives

* We together can develop your work profile over time according to your skills, growing expertise and your interests. This might be a good opportunity to establish yourself in a new industry or job function.

* You are working from our office in the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany. Part-time home office is possible.

* Company commitment to balance high-intensity, agile project work with times of normal intensity, more systematic work

To share your application or in case you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at