The value of GaN-on-Si

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a well-known material in the semiconductor industry for many years already. However it will only deliver its real potential when the material becomes available mass-produced on silicon substrates (GaN-on-Si).

Today most LEDs worldwide are produced on costly GaN-on-sapphire wafers. GaN-on-Si wafers are not only cheaper per area but also allow bigger wafer diameters and thus the usage of standard silicon wafer processing lines. GaN-on-Si can therefore play a central role in cutting production costs for LEDs and accordingly unleash the usage of energy efficient LED lighting in additional applications and markets.

In power semiconductors GaN promises huge performance benefits resulting in improved switching frequency and energy efficiency. Compared to other compound semiconductor materials GaN-on-Si wafers cost only a fraction. The technology also offers cost advantages as it requires far less processing steps than the complex silicon chips which dominate power semiconductors today. And like for LEDs the usage of existing standard silicon processing lines for device manufacturing enables the cost efficient production of performant and energy efficient next generation devices.

ALLOS unique approach to GaN-on-Si

Our technology is for making high-quality gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon (Si) epitaxial wafers by means of MOCVD/MOVPE. It goes back to pioneering work 15 years ago and has been continuously refined and improved towards production readiness.

The proprietary and patented technology of ALLOS features:

  • 150 and 200 mm wafer size are qualified
  • Proven for production scale multi-wafer reactor configurations
  • GaN-layer thicknesses of up to 9 µm
  • Strain-engineering for wafer bow of less than 20 µm and low wafer breakage
  • Excellent crystal quality on same level as on sapphire

ALLOS’ GaN-on- Si platform technology enables all key applications for GaN:

  • High power electronics (HPE; power semiconductors)
  • Micro LEDs and conventional LEDs
  • RF