• Slider ALLOS proundly presents first 300 mm wafer
  • Slider efficiency gain when going from 100 mm to 300 mm
  • Slider 12 weeks vs 3 years
  • Slider best emmission wavelength uniformity and reproducibility for micro LED

ALLOS Semiconductors

To meet global climate protection requirements we need a revolution in energy efficiency. Many distinct contributions are necessary to achieve this goal. Crucial contributions need to come through savings in lightning and energy transformation. Gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) is one of the most promising technologies to deliver savings through affordable energy efficient LEDs and energy efficient power semiconductors. ALLOS Semiconductors is an engineering and consulting company helping clients from the semiconductor industry worldwide to master GaN-on-Si technology and unleash its benefits. The ALLOS team builds on longstanding experience in the GaN-on-Si space and offers a complete set of services based on its unique and patent protected technology.

ALLOS Semiconductors services


Understanding the technology, avoiding early stage mistakes and accelerating existing programs: ALLOS advises on business and technology strategies and supports setting up GaN-on-Si operations all the way from establishing a fab to market entry.

Technology transfer

Save millions of R&D budget and years of internal development time: Tailored to the specific objectives of each client ALLOS is providing technology transfers. By delivering growth recipes, training of customer’s engineers and the actual implementation on the customer’s equipment ALLOS enables the client to grow GaN-on-Si wafers in record time and acquire a profound understanding and master the technology.


Protect your investments: By licensing its unique patents and know-how ALLOS is providing freedom-to-operate security and a solid protection against infringers who threaten the licensee’s GaN-on-Si technology and products.

Customer specific solutions

Partner with ALLOS to succeed in your next generation GaN-on-Si challenge: ALLOS can deliver its experience, expertise and network of experts to work in joint project teams and make each customer development project succeed by delivering the right customer specific solutions.


To discuss project and technology details and get a quote please get in contact with our sales team at sales@allos-semiconductors.com or dial +49-351-212 937-20.


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