The next generation of information displays will fundamentally change the way we communicate with each other, use artificial intelligence, access information and navigate augmented and virtual realities. A key technology to realize this vision are micro LED based displays, where each consists of millions of tiny LEDs. This allows amazing new applications, form-factors and quality levels of displays, while it creates huge challenges for volume manufacturing.

ALLOS Semiconductors takes on these challenges. Our Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN-on-Si) epiwafer technologies are the core for high-yielding micro LED manufacturing in standard 300 mm or 200 mm processing fabs.

How ALLOS’ technologies enable our customers to build amazing displays

A mass production-ready platform for micro LED production needs to deliver a level of consistency, quality and uniformity – on-wafer and wafer-to-wafer – which by far exceeds what could be achieved with conventional GaN-on-sapphire LED technologies. It also needs to be available on 300 mm and 200 mm wafer diameter so that the epiwafers can be processed in standard silicon processing fabs. This enables the best processing yield and allows cost-efficient integration with advanced silicon products like driver chips. ALLOS is fulfilling these requirements in a unique way:

ALLOS was the first company globally to show 300 mm LED epiwafer already back in 2020

Scaling with GaN.finity: With ALLOS’ unique GaN.finity technology existing GaN-on-Si epiwafer stacks can be scaled to 300 mm wafer diameter while avoiding internal stress and plastic deformation for currently up to 7 µm thick epi-stacks. To meet CMOS fab requirements these epiwafers can be delivered with a thickness of 775 µm and bow of below 50 µm. All requirements, like the absence of cracks, apply strictly to the entire epiwafer including the edge exclusion.

Leading uniformity: Our technologies allow us to achieve superior uniformity parameters throughout the entire epiwafer area. Uniformity of epiwafer material is a crucial yield enabler for micro LED displays with their millions of tiny micro LEDs. Particularly achieving good color uniformity is a challenge for the industry.

With 98 % of the entire epiwafer area being on target, ALLOS already today achieves industry leading color uniformity

Excellent crystal quality: ALLOS features the best GaN-on-Si crystal quality (TDD). This is essential to achieve leading device performance and life-time. Unlike in conventional LED manufacturing where yield is unaffected by certain micro defects, these are yield-killers for micro LEDs. Innovative breakthroughs by ALLOS are eliminating these micro defects to enable high-yield manufacturing.

Full color spectrum: In line with their respective RGB strategies, customers and partners have successfully demonstrated color conversion on ALLOS’ blue wavelength epiwafers to build full color displays. Additionally, ALLOS can provide native green and red GaN-on-Si LED epiwafers. Various novel multi-color on-wafer approaches are also supported.

Hardware independent: ALLOS’ technologies have been proven to work with MOCVD epitaxy reactors of all established vendors.

Intellectual property protection: Our technologies are proprietary and patent protected.

ALLOS is hiring

How we work

ALLOS Semiconductors is an IP licensing company. We operate fabless and in close collaboration with our established global customer and partner network. Among our customers are innovative start-ups, well-known consumer electronics and semiconductor giants and “hidden champions” in high-value niche markets. We adapt and develop our technologies according to specific customer needs and deliver epiwafers to support their product and process developments. We have extensive experience of successfully providing complex technology transfers and development services. Beyond display applications we are supporting customers with other leading-edge micro LED solutions. Since its foundation in 2014 ALLOS has remained independent, is fully owned by its founders, is debt-free and cash-flow positive.

If you would like to learn more please contact us at or dial +49-351-212 937-20.

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