Market and technology researcher (Student job 5-20 h./week or part-time)

You are interested in semiconductor, display and other electronic technology and markets? You would like to support an international team of semiconductor entrepreneurs and experts in strategy, sales, and R&D projects with technology-focused market research and with preparing presentations, market and cost models and other materials? You would like to learn more about technology and business while further improving your research and communication skills?

What you will contribute

– Reading and analyzing industry news and professional reports and summarizing them to the ALLOS team.

– Find data, statistics, quotes or other sources to substantiate – or falsify – existing arguments.

– Understand existing and future technologies: Research and explain how certain technologies work and compare to each other.

– Documenting and illustrating technical devices and processes graphically and thus make it accessible for and explainable to various audiences. Help us to improve our Powerpoint presentations.

– Research markets and market players: Strategies, players, segmentation, market sizes and developments.

– Support in building industry and cost models. This starts with finding input parameters, e.g. for estimations of market sizes, productivity and cost and can evolve into taken the role of the owner of an Excel with tens of thousands of cells.

How you can be a strong addition to our strong team

– You possess a solid overview knowledge and a genuine interest in the areas of semiconductors, displays and other electronics. This includes both the technology and the business side. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert.

– You are an attentive, concentrated, and persistent reader and researcher.

– You have strong skills in summarizing and explaining your findings.

– You have outstanding skills and work very diligently in PowerPoint and Excel. 

– Another big plus would be drawing skills, both with pen and paper and electronically.

– Strong English skills are mandatory; additional fluency in German and Mandarin would be beneficial.

– We imagine that you are a student of electrical engineering or natural science – But don’t worry, we’re open to being convinced by your differing pitch.

Why joining ALLOS is attractive for you now – and for your future career

– You are working closely with experienced entrepreneurs and experts in our field. We promise you, you will learn every day!

– We need your support for at least 5 hours per week and, for the duration of some projects, 20 hours and more. On the other hand, we are also flexible when you need periods with reduced intensity, e.g. to prepare for exams.

– If you are inclined to take over additional support work we are open to discuss with you possibilities, e.g. when you need to ensure a more constant income stream.

– When we are working together on a project we will ask you to come to our office in Dresden city center, close to Hauptbahnhof and Altstadt. Otherwise, you can work remotely, as you prefer.

– We expect full commitment and high productivity. In return we pay competitively.

To share your application or in case you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at