Newly founded ALLOS Semiconductors offers AZZURRO patents and technology

Dresden, Germany – 15th December 2014 – GaN-on-Si technology expert ALLOS Semiconductors, founded little more than six months ago, announced today that it has acquired the exclusive ownership of all technology, know-how and intellectual property of former AZZURRO Semiconductors.

ALLOS Semiconductors GmbH, who is specialised in GaN-on-Si technology and markets, provides engineering and consulting services worldwide. Advice on patent landscape, market and technology strategy as well as customised developments and technology demonstrations are offered. Furthermore its GaN-on-Si technology is made available to its customers through technology transfers and licencing.

The driving force behind ALLOS Semiconductors’ foundation in June was the growing demand for technology to grow gallium nitride on silicon substrates (GaN-on-Si). An increasing number of LED and power semiconductor companies want to master the technology to grow 150 and 200 mm GaN-on-Si wafers successfully themselves to supply cost-effective high-quality GaN devices processed in standard silicon fabs.

There are tremendous technological challenges to make GaN-on-Si happen. For ALLOS’ customers the opportunity is to reduce not only cost and time-to-market but also the development risk by building their effort on ALLOS’ proven GaN-on-Si platform and know-how. This is the key value proposition of ALLOS.

Recently the technology, know-how and intellectual property of former AZZURRO Semiconductors AG were auctioned. ALLOS Semiconductors acquired the exclusive ownership to strengthen its service offering with AZZURRO’s pioneering technology which was continuously refined towards production readiness over the last decade.

In addition to its existing offering ALLOS is now making also the proven AZZURRO technology platform available through technology transfer, licencing and customised development work. This complements ALLOS’ service offering advice on business and technology strategies and supporting setting up GaN-on-Si operations all the way from establishing a epitaxial wafer fab to market entry.

For more information please contact:

ALLOS Semiconductors GmbH
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