Exclusive interview: “ALLOS’ GaN-on-Si Wafer to Connect Semiconductor Technology and Micro LED Display Production”

LEDinside had an exclusive interview with ALLOS’ CTO, Dr. Atsushi Nishikawa about how silicon based micro LEDs influence the entire supply chain for micro LED display production, especially for cost and yield.

Following the on-line presentation of Dr. Nishikawa at the TrendForce micro LED Forum 2020, LEDinside talked to Dr. Nishikawa for deepening the understanding of how the silicon semiconductor industry’s manufacturing excellence can unlock cost savings and yield improvements for micro LED production when suitable micro LED epiwafers can be provided. ALLOS’ 200 and 300 mm micro LED epiwafers with its 1 bin® GaN-on-Si technology enable this important step for micro LED breakthrough into volume production.

You can read the exclusive interview in English or Chinese (traditional) on LEDinside’s website.

To go to the on-line presentation at the TrendForce micro LED Forum 2020, please follow this link.