ALLOS was invited to talk about micro LEDs at LED Taiwan 2017

ALLOS Semiconductors’ co-founder and CMO Alexander Loesing was invited to talk about “Who will benefit from micro LEDs with new generation GaN-on-Si?” at last week’s LED industry event in Taiwan. After briefly looking at the challenges of using GaN-on-Si for conventional LEDs the presentation focused on the opportunities and challenges for the LED and silicon semiconductor industries in micro LEDs. For micro LED displays to become feasible and affordable unprecedented high yield levels in LED chip making need to be realized. Large and super-uniform CMOS compatible 200 mm LED epiwafers are essential to this. ALLOS’ CMO, who works in the GaN-on-Si epiwafer business since 2003, explained how such epiwafers are finally becoming a reality and how they can be used by the industry.

After his talk Loesing showed samples of 200 mm GaN-on-Si LED epiwafers to interested attendees. These latest 200 mm epiwafers with ALLOS’ technology are coming from an ongoing development project. Already after five weeks into the project a thickness uniformity of 0.3 % (standard deviation) was achieved, a value no-one in the industry has shown before. Such quantum leaps in uniformity are seen as essential for the yield breakthroughs required for adaptation of micro LED technology.

You can download a copy of ALLOS’ presentation here.